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Inuyasha Claims

Claim your favorite things from Inuyasha~

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Welcome to iy_claims, a community where you can claim anything from the Inuyasha world! Whether it's characters, pairings, songs, items, episodes, etc.


1. You may make up to three claims.
2. You are allowed to unclaim, however you must keep your previous claims for at least a month before switching.
3. Please check the claims list before you make a claim.
4. If you claim, you must remain a member of the community. If you leave, your claims will be removed. Same goes for if your journal is deleted.
5. If you need to change your claims over to a different journal, just post and tell me what you've claimed and your old journal and then I will switch it.
6. Only one person per character, pairing, item, etc. If what you wanted is already claimed, then oh well.
7. After you make a claim, you must link back to the community in your userinfo.
Example: "I claimed Miroku @ iy_claims"
8. Put "Inuyasha, osuwari!" in your subject line to show that you've read the rules. ;3 If you don't, your claim will not be added.


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